Allow UID 0 accounts to login but not root over SSH


More than once, I've needed root access to a server over SCP.  As we all know, allowing SSH access with the root user is a blaring security hole because the user is a well-known userid with superuser access. This makes it the first thing that a hacker or script-kiddie will check.  If you create another user with userid number 0 and set PermitRootLogin to 'no' in the sshd_config file, you will still not be able to login.  The PermitRootLogin option actually blocks ANY user if their user id number equals 0.

Convert RHEL to CentOS 5.5


Here is a quick howto on how to convert an Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Centos 5.5.  You can do this with with any RHEL 5 version 5.5 or older. 

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